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Global Excel and Dentemax have teamed up to deliver one of the largest national dental networks available, ensuring high quality and fair prices.

All DenteMax dentists agree to charge members 20% to 40% below usual charges. But the value doesn’t stop with savings — the DenteMax network features unparalleled access to quality dentists.

Benefits of staying in-network

Providing access to cost effective, quality care is Global Excel’s primary focus. In the USA, many dentists are affiliated with a particular network, which is explained in more detail in our Get to Know my Local Healthcare System page.

Visiting an ‘in-network’ provider benefits you as the provider will typically not require payment up front (unless there is a co-pay or deductible), and they have already been vetted for both cost and quality.


DenteMax, one of the largest national dental networks provides:

  • Access to more than 270,000 dental access points across the country
  • No paperwork hassles — If you ever choose to see a different dentist, there is no paperwork to fill out or waiting periods


DenteMax’s strict credentialing policy offers you the peace of mind when you are choosing a dentist. DenteMax credentials all network dentists by regularly reviewing practices to ensure they meet high-quality standards.


DenteMax provides members:

  • Savings of 20% to 40% of standard dental charges every time you see a DenteMax dentist
  • Lower out-of-pocket dental costs
  • Ability to stretch your annual maximum
  • Network discounts on services even after your annual maximum is reached or on services that are not covered benefits