Receiving Statements at Home

After visiting a medical provider you may receive a statement at home, even when the charge is being billed directly to BDAE.

Reasons for Receiving
Statements or Invoices at Home

Reasons for Receiving Statements or Invoices at Home

Please find below some of the reason of why you may receive statements or invoices at home:

      1. • You are being informed of the amount your insurance company is being charged for the services you received. This is usually noted on the bill and will not require further action.

        • The medical provider is seeking confirmation on claim settlement.

    1. • The medical provider does not have your insurance information registered. This will mostly happen with providers that are independent from your main physician or hospital (if hospital services were received). These providers include laboratories, pathology providers, etc.

If you receive a statement at home, please contact the BDAE dedicated Helpline at Global Excel 1-833-243-0061 (toll-free from the USA), and we will verify whether the claim has been received and is being processed. If the claim has not been received, please send us a copy of the statement so we can investigate with the provider.