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Who is Global Excel?

Global Excel is a worldwide premium healthcare risk management company, providing services to a broad range of market segments. Our partners trust our expertise in controlling healthcare costs for the management of their claims dollars as well as our ability to provide a superior member experience.

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About BDAE

BDAE wants you to go abroad safely! The BDAE Group was founded in 1995 and helps private individuals, expatriates and businesses to navigate social security issues around the world, with an integrated, individually tailored approach. In the summer of 2017, the BDAE Group became a subsidiary of MSH International, a global leader in the development of international health insurance plans. Together with MSH we take care of more than 400.000 expats in 194 countries.


Aetna Network

As one of the United States largest networks, we help people achieve health and financial security by providing easy access to cost-effective, high-quality health care. And we continue to be a leader in building a stronger, more effective health care system by working with doctors, hospitals, employers, patients, public officials and others.

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